About the Burger King rebrand

Bringing a flat street-style feel into the future

If you know me, you know how much of a fan of Burger King I am. I’ve been known to enjoy a Big King and fries in bed while enjoying some tv in the evenings, which excites me.

I’ve seen posts recently, and I wanted to wait until more got released, but Burger King released a whopper of a brand redesign recently, and I love it! Kudos to designer Lisa Smith, at Jones Knowles Ritchie.

Let’s look more!

The logo

It looks like Burgerking went with more of a street / flat feel for their branding this time around, which is a considerable improvement in my opinion. Being one who uses flat design very often in my projects speaks volumes and even gives me a bit more pride in my work. Depicting a bubbly wordmark in the middle of the buns and removing the blue crest around the design brings the logo back to a more simplistic form of the original burger logo from 1969.

Animated logo illustration for Burger King
Animated logo illustration for Burger King

The fonts

We certainly cannot ignore the font choice that the designer has made in the rebrand. This font is a lot more playful, energetic, and completely different from most of the typography we see on the web these days. Round, curvy goodness like their Burgers this font is. Delicious.

Image credit: Burger King Corporation

Illustrations too!

These hand-drawn and creative illustrations tie into the round and curvy font nicely. With playful brand colors, imperfect lines, and extending the brand’s street art aspect even deeper. The illustrations seem to feature menu items and contents in hopes to further excite people for the food they’re about to order.

Image credit: Burger King Corporation

The new packaging design

When it’s all put together and packed full of tasty burgers and fries, the rebrand starts to take shape. There was a choice to incorporate the colors into the labels to separate each item on their menu (green, red, yellow, orange, and brown) and illustrations to show the ingredients. They are labeling their burgers when wrapped properly, a new chicken fry container, and trays.

Image credit: Burger King Corporation

The website

The entire website has undergone a complete facelift operation as well. Featuring powerfully designed call-to-action items, new product photography, and a fresh mobile experience to incorporate more effective means of navigation. Incorporating such components as bottom tabs for ease of reach when ordering from your mobile device (this didn’t exist previously, I speak from experience).


I think that Burger King made a great decision to rebrand. It was long overdue, and to compete with other giants such as themselves; it’s a good idea to refresh your look and feel now and then.

McDonald’s seems to have gone more of the café route and lost most of its playful look and feel. I hope that Burger King strikes a need for excitement and creativity in branding among fast-food chains down the road, and we start seeing companies like Wendy’s and McDonald’s get a bit more playful.

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